Many features. One dashboard.

EMA modern intranet provides you with a wide variety of tools to manage your business – in an all-inclusive package. All company documents are retrievable from the one place. Share documents easily, increase efficiency when meeting deadlines, improve planning processes and simplify routines within your organisation.
Try it out and make life easier for your business.
Meet deadlines, share calendars, access information including HR documentation, set up automated replies and comments.
Store your documents on your account and decide which materials to share with the rest of your team. Develop a corporate data warehouse.
No matter what type of communication you use – SMS, chat or social networks – you can rely on EMA to support your corporate culture.

Why EMA?

EMA intranet provides an all-inclusive space for your employees to meet, search for information, record tasks, save customer activities, compile contacts and communicate with one another. It’s your internal knowledge base and the heart of your organisation. Its modular design customises to meet your specific needs.  

How do I get EMA?

Easy. Thanks to cloud technology you can activate EMA in just a few minutes. All you have to do is register here on the website. You’ll then receive your login details by e-mail so you can start straight away. There’s no need to download or install any additional software and it’s all free of charge.

Productivity & Innovation

A modern business environment means faster and easier access to information. By using EMA’s automated features to speed up the recording of tasks, searching for information and collecting and storing employee data – you get more time to focus on your core business.

Innovation only happens when your employees are adequately informed, when they have tools robust enough to collaborate smoothly on developing new documents and when they’re able to quickly exchange data. Let EMA’s software help you build a smarter company.

Corporate culture & customer relationship

EMA provides you with the perfect tools to develop a winning corporate culture – from blogs, chat and messaging services to traditional internal social networks such as Facebook.

Every marketing department needs an integrated CRM system. With EMA you get a clearer and more complete picture of your customer database – letting you see how much time you spend with individual customers, the types of people you are dealing with and appropriate times for getting in contact. EMA software gets your sales and marketing moving in the right direction!

The joy of the job well done

Let your employees share their successes and achievements. Give them space to articulate their views, to describe and speak about their successes and failures. Your employees’ success stories are the best motivational factors for your entire team.

Share your wins with us too! We’re here to support your business and we love hearing about all your successes and achievements!

Implementation services

It can feel a bit daunting setting up a host of new features on your own. We’re here to help. Just call us and we’ll guide you throughout the entire process step-by-step and configure the application to suit your requirements. 

Explore EMA's features

Human resources
Easy and transparent management of all employee documents.
Chat & Messages
Allows your team to keep in touch - wherever nad whenever.
Social network
Grab the attention of your employees with EMA's social network.
Knowledge base
All information in the one place and easy to retrieve.
Assets management
Easily access your assets and avail of state -of-the-art features.
Contract management
Easily control over deadlines and expiration dates.
File sharing
Enable all team members to gain access to files.
Task management
Elegantly handle the management of employees tasks.
shared calendars
Use shared calendars to organise your business.
crm system
Excellent CRM design thats easy to use.
easy search
Find everything even when you don't know the name.
company wikipedia
Share your expert know-how with anybody you want.
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