Easy and modern intranet. For free.

EMA is a modern intranet that supports your organisation’s employees, processes, knowledge, information and property to help your team work better and faster regardless of their location.

EMA maximises your time and increases business efficiency.

EMA maximises your time and increases business efficiency. It automatically alerts you to each contract requiring prolongation, upcoming contracts and expired warranties. EMA helps you to share knowledge and experience across a company-wide social network and to monitor team activities. EMA is an outstanding CRM tool.
Knowledge distribution
Provides your employees with the strongest of all tools – access to knowledge.
Gets your employees working as a team regardless of location. 
Intercompany communication
Uses news and chat services to foster communication among your employees.
Business processes
Defines and shares accurate working procedures so that everybody is on the same page.
Helps you get to know more about your customers and perfect customer relationships.
Human Resources
Provides first-rate access to information on all of your employees.

Business knowledge at one place. Easy accessible.

Imagine a place in which you can store all your company’s knowledge, enabling information to be shared with your employees and tailoring it to their specific backgrounds. 
Problems caused by incorrect or incomplete decision-making due to unavailable or misplaced information become a thing of the past.
Using EMA’s internal social network, your employees can exchange the latest market information to help you create a competitive edge.

Work faster!
Drive productivity
Empower your employees to work smarter not harder with productivity-enhancing tools.
Engage employees
Engage employees with tools that will improve how they work, and that they’ll actually want to use. 
Competitive edge
Speed up your decision-making processes based on easily accessible data and improved team collaboration.
Work collaboratively
Unlock your collective intelligence by connecting your people to people, and your people to knowledge.

Brings freedom of movement.

EMA operates as a cloud, so there’s no need to worry about additional hardware or installing software onto your computer system. All you have to do is launch EMA on your internet viewer. We then take care of all the rest – backup, encryption and security – providing you with reliable, secure and easy-to-use software that will enhance your business. Join us for free now!
“What I appreciate most is the way all of our business documents are organised. Recruitment and training of new employees is now much faster. Our team also makes frequent use of the integrated social network. I recommend EMA.”
– Mark Downard

Makes business management easier.

Human resources
Easy and transparent management of all employee documents.
Chat & news
Allows your team to keep in touch – wherever and whenever.
Social network
Grab the attention of your employees with EMA’s social network functions.
Knowledge base
All information in the one place and easy to retrieve.
Assets management
Easily access your properties and avail of state-of-the-art features.
Contract management
Easy control over deadlines and expiry dates.
File sharing
Enable all team members to gain access to files.
Task management
Elegantly handle the management of employee tasks.
Shared calendars
Use shared calendars to organise your business.
CRM System
Excellent CRM design that’s easy to use.
Easy search
Find everything even when you don’t know the name.
Comapny wikipedia
Share your expert know-how with anybody you want.

Easy and modern intranet.
All yours. Free of charge.

It’s time to make the change. EMA is a cloud-based solution that you can set up for your company in just a few minutes. Simply register for a free trial! See how EMA can simplify your business!
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